Sony HVR-HD1000U - HVR-HD1000 Digital High Definition Camcorder

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Sony HVR-HD1000 Digital High Definition Camcorder

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      1. Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
      2. Deluze Carrying Case W/ Shoulder Strap
      3. Digital 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
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      1. Lithium-Ion Extended Rechargeable Battery
      2. Deluze Carrying Case W/ Shoulder Strap
      3. Digital 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Deluxe 46" Tripod W/ Fluid Head & Case
      6. Precision 3 Piece Filter Kit Coated
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      1. Lithium-Ion Extended Rechargeable Battery
      2. Deluze Carrying Case W/ Shoulder Strap
      3. Digital 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Deluxe 54" Tripod W/ Fluid Head & Case
      6. Precision 3 Piece Filter Kit (Multi Coated Glass) 
      7. Pack of 20 Mini DV Tapes
      8. Precision Wide Angle Lens 0.45X
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Manufacturer Description

The HVR-HD1000U was created to meet the growing demand from users who are looking for mobility and professional appearance. This camcorder features a shoulder-mount design and black matte body similar to that of professional camcorders; making it perfect for weddings, corporate communications, colleges, universities, and sporting events where appearance makes a difference. Premium design characteristics and high-definition HDV1080i recording are the main features of this new one-piece shoulder camcorder, ideal for working videographers on a budget. A built-in down-converter creates DV material, perfect for standard DVD productions. Plus, a special still photo mode is ideal for producing DVD cases and making wedding photo albums. Whether you are recording weddings and corporate communications or helping students make a documentary, the HVR-HD1000U is the best choice on the market today as an entry level professional camcorder.

High-quality Imaging System

1/2.9-inch Clear Vid CMOS Sensor The next generation of Sony imaging sensor, the ClearVid CMOS Sensor used in the HVR-HD1000U camcorder, is quite unique and different from current CMOS technology. The ClearVid CMOS Sensor uses a unique pixel layout rotated 45 degrees to provide high resolution and high sensitivity. This pixel layout technology is also used in higher end professional camcorders. The ClearVid CMOS Sensor, coupled with an Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP), generates stunning images. Moreover, thanks to the CMOS technology, bright objects do not cause vertical smear.

Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonner T* lens with optical 10x zoom The HVR-HD1000U camcorder can adapt to a wide range of shooting situations and features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonner T* lens with 10x optical zoom, as featured on higher end professional HDV camcorders. The T* lens coating suppresses unwanted reflections and faithfully reproduces colors for professional-looking results.

Super SteadyShot (Optical) Image Stabilizer The Super SteadyShot (Optical) feature of the HVR-HD1000U is an image stabilizer using an active optical lens method that functions without any deterioration in image quality. The lens itself shifts vertically and horizontally to compensate for the polarized light axis in real time.

Professional Design

Shoulder-mount design The HVR-HD1000U is lightweight and easy to use even for beginners. It provides a professional camcorder shoulder-mount design that allows for easy balance and stable operation.

Wide Clear Photo LCD plus Monitor on Viewfinder Unit Provides Easy Viewing A large, freely rotating 2.7-inch LCD screen is located on the top of the viewfinder unit to provide easy viewing when the HVR-HD1000U camcorder is in a low-level position or on a tripod. This also makes it easy for a director or client to see what the camera operator is shooting. The LCD uses a 211,200 dots widescreen Clear Photo LCD plus device that provides proper brightness and a high level of color reproduction.

Ergonomically Designed Handle The ergonomically designed handle of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder contains a convenient record button and zoom control, essential for low position shooting. There are two cold shoes on the front and rear of the handle. You can attach two accessories like the HVL-LBP Battery Video Light and HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit.

Camera Control Ring A special camera control ring is located on the lens unit of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder. Any one of the following functions can be assigned to the ring for easy adjustment:

  • Focus (default)
  • Zoom
  • Brightness
  • Shutter
  • Video: 1/4"1/10000 sec
  • Photo: 1/4"1/500 sec
  • AE Shift
  • WB Shift

HDV - the Accessible HD Recording Format HD can be recorded on DigitalMaster professional tape as well as consumer MiniDV. video and television technology, as well as viewer preferences, are moving from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) - just like black and white television moved to color in the past. HD has almost twice the number of scanning lines available with SD. This means you can see much sharper detail and finer image quality when your work is viewed on an HD display monitor. The HVR-HD1000U adopts the HDV format for HD recording. The HDV format allows you to shoot approximately 63 minutes of HD video on a miniDV cassette tape. There are two standards of HDV format; One is HDV720p and the other is HDV1080i,which has 1,080 scanning lines and is used by most broadcasters already using HD. Sony has adopted the HDV1080i standard for all its HDV products.

Full Compatibility with your Current DV System The HVR-HD1000U offers benefits for SD productions, as well as HD. It is easy to use HDV recordings for your current DV editing work. The HVR-HD1000U has a down-conversion feature that outputs converted DV signals through the i.LINK connector to your current DV non-linear editing system, while retaining an HD master on the tape for future use. Furthermore, the HVR-HD1000U offers a DV recording mode (4:3 or 16:9), which can provide a recording time of approximately 120 minutes in LP mode.

HVR-DR60 Brings HDV to IT Workflows The optional external HVR-DR60 hard disk recording unit gives you a hybrid operation,where video and audio are recorded simultaneously to hard disk drive (HDD) and tape. The HDV or DV images are recorded as movie files in the HDD for quick nonlinear editing, enabling the operator to archive the source tape as soon as the shoot is finished.

Other Features

Smooth Slow Rec The Smooth Slow Rec function of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder enables slow-motion playback by capturing images at four times faster than the normal field rate (240 fields/s). In this mode, quad-speed images are captured for three seconds, stored in the built-in buffer memory, and then recorded to tape (in either HDV or DV format) as slow-motion pictures lasting 12 seconds.

Super NightShot The Super NightShot function of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder uses a built-in infrared light emitter that allows you to record an object in zero lux light levels. It also enables night-time monitoring and surveillance.

Diverse Range of Photo-creation Functions

While the HVR-HD1000U doesn’t contain all the features you’d find in higher end professional camcorders, such as DVCAM recording/playback, XLR audio connectors, and TC preset menu, it does boast a diverse range of photo-creation functions. These photo-creation functions are available at the touch of a button. You can store high-quality still images on Memory Stick Duo media, and then use them to design DVD cases,website content, news, etc.

Photo Mode In Photo mode of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder, you can take 6.1-megapixel, 2848 x 2136-quality, 4:3-aspect images.

Dual Rec You can take 4.6-megapixel (16:9-aspect) photos while you are shooting HDV video simply by pressing the photo button.

Capturing from Recorded Video In case you missed the perfect timing for your still photo while videotaping, you can capture and save still frames from recorded video by just pressing the photo button of the HVR-HD1000U camcorder during playback. HDV footage will give you a 1.2-megapixel, 1440 x 810 pixel still image of that magic moment.

Workflow Using HDV Shooting and Photo Data Creation For working videographers starting out with a limited budget, the HVR-HD1000U camcorder provides flexibility and an amazing selection of features like HDV shooting and photo data creation. Even if you are still using SD for your projects, HD is the way of the future. Down-conversion allows you to shoot in HD to create a high-quality master tape and still use your existing DV nonlinear editing system and SD display monitor for playback and viewing.

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