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Film Developing and Photo Printing in New York City

In a world where trillions of photos are taken, stored and shared digitally, film development is becoming a lost art. However, the joy of having pictures printed and displayed is something all amateur and professional photographers should experience. 

If you are looking for the best film developing in New York City, you want experienced professionals to preserve and protect your precious memories.


Even the most advanced photographers do not typically develop film for themselves.

For over 50 years, 42nd Street Photo has been the first choice for amateur and professional photographers looking for expert film developing in New York City. 

If you are looking for DIY film developing and photo printing, you will need a dark room, tank systems, reels, measuring systems, knowledge of chemistry, and more. 

Choosing to do film developing on your own can be expensive, and you may end up ruining your film if done incorrectly. 


Choosing a place to bring your film for developing in New York City is not as straightforward as it seems. You may pass by CVS and Duane Reade offering cheap and quick film developing, but keep on walking, your photos deserve much better! 

When selecting a photo printing lab, you should discuss the style you are looking for -- there are as many techniques and styles as there are photo printing and developing locations -- so you want a company that will work with you to realize. 


Video to DVD

Adapting your favorite memories to new, modern formats is a fast process that requires technical hands-on application, and we offer the fastest and lowest prices anywhere. 

Once complete, your VHS content will look fantastic when viewed on DVD or converted to a digital format. 


Video: (Video tapes (VHS, 8mm, Mini-Dv) to DVD, 8mm movie film to DVD, DVD and video duplication

 Converting video is a process that requires multiple machines and care. Once we receive our content requiring duplication, we will load it and burn it onto a new tape, DVD, film, or video format. 


Scanning: 35MM Film, APS Film, Slide Film

Scanning film negatives is a fast process that professional printing and developing companies use to skip darkroom time. When you drop off your negatives, our professional team will carefully use software and a scanner to digitally produce your images without any smudges or blurs. 


Printing: Color print film processing, Black & white film processing, E6 Slide film processing, 120, 220 and 4x5 film processing, APS Advantix film processing, 110 and 126 film processing.

When printing and processing film it is always produced with a negative image. After production, the image must be reversed again when printed onto photographic paper.  

At 42nd Street Photo we work with state of the art photo printers favored by the most discerning customers and high grade photo paper so your every image will be museum quality.


Disposable Camera Developing

Single-use cameras were once a great way to record memories and some people still like the convenience and affordability of these devices. A simple developing task, most disposable cameras are easy to develop when handed off to an experienced professional. When dropping off your film, simply decide if you want matte or glossy finish, borders, and the desired size of your prints. 


Photo Restoration

From old, faded, damaged photos to new, but imperfect images, photo restoration brings beloved memories back to life. Photo restoration is one of the most difficult and challenging projects you can bring to a film developer, but don't worry we have the best photo restoration experts in New York City. Our professional team will assess the image and discuss how you wish to restore and correct any issues.


Photo Retouching

There are many things you can do to make your image look amazing. With photo retouching, a professional can remove objects, correct color, smooth lines, etc. The more you discuss with our photo retouching expert how you want your image to look, the better results you will achieve. 


42nd Street Photo is the most popular destination in New York City for consumers looking for the best prices and expert care for film developing and photo printing in New York City.


Call or stop by anytime!