Panasonic VDRM50B - VDR-M50E Mini DVD Camcorder (PAL)

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Panasonic VDR-M50E Mini DVD Camcorder (PAL)

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Available Kits

      1. Pack Of 5 Discs
      2. Carrying Case For Camcorder
      3. Precision Uv Filter For Lens
      4. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      5. Digital LCD Screen Protector
    Only: $79.95
      1. Pack Of  7 Discs
      2. Rechargeable 2.5 Hour Battery
      3. Precision Uv Filter For Lens
      4. Carrying Case For Camcorder
      5. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      6. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      7. Mini Tripod With Flexible Legs
    Only: $139.95
      1. Pack Of 10 Discs
      2. 5.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery
      3. 3 Piece Filter Kit For Lens
      4. Carrying Case For Camcorder
      5. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      6. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      7. Deluxe Tripod
    Only: $189.95
      1. Pack Of 10 Discs
      2. 8 Hour Rechargeable Batery
      3. Deluxe Tripod
      4. 3 Piece Filter Kit For Lens
      5. Carrying Case For Camocrder
      6. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      7. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
    Only: $249.95

Available Accessories

Extended Warranties (Protect Your Investment)
Rechargeable Batteries (Life For Your Camcorder)
Filters (Protect & Enhance Your Photos)
Wide Angle, Telephoto & Close Up Lenses
Cases (Protect Your Camera Gear)
Memory Card For Camcorder
Cleaning Kits & Screen Protectors
AC Adapters, Cables, Remotes & Card Readers
Photo Printers

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Key Features

DVD-R or DVD-RAM Recording
Allows you to record home movies directly to DVD and play back on your home DVD player(DVD-R). Because DVD provides random, direct access to data, there's no rewinding, no fast-forwarding to get anything you've recorded. The two disc formats also provide exciting options and complete flexibility in how you record and play back your clips.
High Quality Video
The camcorder utilizes the high quality and high efficiency of MPEG2 video compression technology. Consumers can select between extended recording time or increased recording quality.

  • DVD-RAM discs record per side
    18 minutes of XTRA fine quality DVD video
    30 minutes of FINE quality DVD video
    one hour of standard DVD video quality.

  • DVD-R discs record
    30 minutes of high quality DVD video
    60 minutes of standard mode can be played back on most standard consumer DVD players.
High Quality Audio
Records Dolby Digital audio using a high quality stereo microphone. A mic filter is built in to reduce wind noise, making object sound easy to hear.
Immediate Access to Record and Playback
With the DVD-RAM disc. This is in contrast to videotape that must be fast forwarded and rewound.
View Recorded Images On Your Computer Monitor
Simply by loading a disc into a PC equipped with DVD-RAM drive and software compatible with 8cm DVD-RAM.
Smaller Recording Media
A compact drive and higher density mounting have achieved a super slim body only 2-1/4 inches wide. A new, circular cartridge was also created by rounding the corners of conventional recording media.
The compact drive widens the opening for easier disc insertion and reduces pickup travel distance.
Playback and Editing with Disc Navigation
Allows you to easily attach a title or wipe/fade to the recorded movie or still. You can arrange the playback order and edit multiple images to play them back continuously. Create an entire movie on the camcorder alone, without inputting video to a PC for editing.
Card Slot
Expands video possibilities with a built-in slot for a SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card or a MultiMediaCard, in addition to the DVD disc. Easily captures still images and transfers them to your PC directly from the camcorder, using the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port.
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