Leica 18163 - V-LUX 30 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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Leica V-LUX 30 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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Leica V-LUX 30 Digital Camera

  • Leica BC-DC 7 Battery Charger

  • Leica BP-DC 7 Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Carrying Strap

  • A/V Cable

  • USB Cable

  • Touch Pen

  • CD with Long Instructions (PDF)

  • Printed Short Instruction Manuals

Brand New Factory Fresh Import Model

The Leica V-LUX 30 Digital Camera is a sophisticated pocket-camera, designed for those looking to go beyond the norm. Compact and simple though it may be, the V-LUX 30 certainly has a number of features, many of which cannot be matched by other cameras in this genre. To start, consider the 14.1Mp sensor. This is 14.1MP of actual resolution, not interpolated. Beautiful, detailed images are possible with the simplicity of what it generally considered a point-shoot-point.

Along with the impressive resolution of the camera, is the respectable lens. The Leica DC-Vario Elmar Lens is a high-quality zoom that has an equivalent focal length of a 24-384mm, available for use in both still and video capture. A range this wide means that extreme wide-angle and impressive telephoto images can be taken, not to mention macro capture. The lens also features a 16x optical zoom for non-distorted image quality, even when the frame is shot from extremely close-up.

Like all things Leica, this camera's design follows the principles of form and function. More than aesthetically pleasing, the camera is also ergonomically crafted - allowing for ease of use, a much appreciated aspect when on vacation or at a party; both of which are ideal times for the V-LUX 30 to shine. The controls of the camera are positioned in an easily accessible manner, with the mode dial on the camera's top plate for fast and simple switching between various modes and manual operation. The video release button is on the top of the camera as well for quicker access than on previous version of this camera. Of course, the 30's most user-friendly usage option might be the touchscreen display which allows for intuitive menu navigation, capture, and review.

As previously alluded, the V-LUX 30 is more than a still camera, it's also a video camera. The 1080i AVCHD movie function caters to those who crave video capture. Movies are not only recorded at this high resolution, they are also marked with GPS data for easy and useful archiving of files, and sharing on social media networks. It is also worth mentioning that the camera provides this GPS feature for still images as well. Additionally, along with storing location information in the EXIF data, the GPS feature also provides the user with other options. Some of these include access to one million points of interest, a display of all the sights in the immediate neighborhood where the user is shooting, and then some.

The V-LUX 30 comes with Adobe editing software. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 9 are both user-friendly software options that provide a range of functions for the user in post-production. Premiere Elements 9 is used for editing video footage while Photoshop Elements 9 provides the user with a number of useful photo editing tools.

Leica DC-Vario Elmar Lens
The high-quality of this zoom lens enables the use of an enormous range of equivalent focal lengths from 24 to 384mm for both still and movie capture. For macro photography, extremely wide-angle views or zooming in on distant subjects - the V-LUX 30 capture amazingly sharp images across the entire wide-angle to telephoto range

When shooting with longer focal lengths (telephoto) or in poor light, optical image stabilization effectively prevents blurred and shaky pictures. Flexible use of the sensor format guarantees full accommodation of the entire zoom range (35mm equivalent: 24-384mm) in all possible image aspect ratios, no matter whether set for 4:3, 3:2, or 16:9. The maximum resolution of 14.1Mp is available for images shot with an aspect ratio of 4:3

Simple, Intuitive Handling
The ergonomically positioned and logically arranged control elements of the Leica V-LUX 30 ensure intuitive handling of the camera even by less-experience photographers. A wide range of automated functions ensures simple, straightforward operation in any situation. At the same time, manual setting options for apertures and shutter speeds provide greater creative scope for more-demanding users. The mode selection dial on the camera's top plate allows fast and simple switching between the various automatic modes and manual operation. In comparison to the V-LUX 20 model, the video release button has been moved on the top side of the camera and allows a faster switch into video mode. For enhanced user-friendliness, the V-LUX 30 features a touchscreen panel
Enhanced Versatility
The new burst shooting feature and 3D capability make the Lecia V-LUX 30 more versatile compared to its predecessor. The burst shooting speed at full resolution of 14.1Mp is an impressive 10 pictures/second while the high-speed mode can even offer 60 pictures/second at a resolution of 3.5Mp. Thus, the Leica V-LUX 30 records fast-moving subjects perfectly - ideal for fascinating pictures from the worlds of sport and animals.

The 3D feature guarantees spellbinding photos, as well. The camera combines two selected photos from a series, creates a 'stereo picture pair' and saves this as a 3D photo in MPO format. These pictures are compatible with all 3D screens available on the market

Touchscreen Monitor
The innovative touchscreen display offers a smooth and comfortable touch control. In addition to the usual button controls, various functions can be controlled by a fingertip. The touchscreen operation does not only work for shooting, but also for playback. Images can be enlarged and dragged across the screen with a finger to browse the collection of images just like turning the pages of a book. The 460,000 dots and the automatic brightness control provide particularly detailed images on the 3.0" LCD touch display
HD Video Recording
The 1080i AVCHD movie function is a welcome addition to the features of the Leica V-LUX 30 that makes it even more versatile. Movies are recorded in AVCHD HD format and tagged with GPS data. HD movie recording starts with the touch of a button on top of the camera. The intelligent, automatic system of the V-LUX 30 integrates all the essential functions such as face recognition, automatic scene mode selection and smart exposure for still and movie capture. It is possible to zoom while shooting movies across the entire 16x zoom range
GPS - Global Positioning System
This innovative feature records the geographical coordinates of the location and local time of every picture you shoot and stores this information in the EXIF data of the image files. This feature provides a variety of exciting options and benefits. When travelling with the V-LUX 30, it displays all the sights in the immediate neighborhood. In fact, it has access to a total of one million points of interest. In addition, the GPS feature is also very useful when archiving pictures and each picture can reveal exactly where it was shot on world maps published on social networks, image portals and map services like Google Maps or Google Earth. The time setting will be automatically registered via the GPS information
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9
The V-LUX 30 is supplied with a comprehensive suite of software. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 provides users with a comprehensive and versatile image editing solution. The software offers a wide range of features as viewing, organization, administration and processing options for still images and video recordings. Also included is Adobe Premiere Elements 9, an easy-to-use package offering video processing for movies recorded by the V-LUX 30 in AVCHD format, and also enables the creation of professional audio and video effects. After completing the video, it can be prepared for presentation on the Web, DVD or other media with only a few mouse clicks
Scene Modes
Portrait, Soft Skin, Transform, Self-Portrait, Scenery, Panorama Assist, Sports, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Handheld Night Shot, Food, Party, Candlelight, Baby 1, Baby 2, Pet, Sunset, High Sensitivity, High-Speed Burst, Flash Burst, Starry Sky, Fireworks, Beach, Snow, Aerial Photo, Pin Hole, Film Grain, Photo Frame, High-Speed Movie
Focusing Modes
The following focusing modes are available: Normal/macro, continuous focusing (on/off)
PictBridge Compatible
The V-LUX 30 features PictBridge for direct printing and viewing with compatible printers and other devices
Exposure Compensation
Increments: 1/3 EV steps, setting range +/-2 EV
Starry Sky Mode
Shutter speeds in Starry Sky mode include: 15, 30, and 60 seconds for extended exposures, perfect for capturing stars in all their glory
Still Photo Resolutions
16:9 format: 4320 x 2432, 3648 x 2056, 3072 x1728, 2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1080, 640 x 360
3:2 format: 4320 x 2880, 3648 x 2432, 3072 x2048, 2560 x 1712, 2048 x 1360, 640 x 424
4:3 format: 4320 x 3240, 3648 x 2736, 3072 x2304, 2560 x 1920, 2048 x 1536, 640 x 480
1:1 format: 3232 x 3232, 2736 x 2736, 2304 x2304, 1920 x 1920, 1536 x 1536, 480 x 480

3D Photo Function:
16:9 format: 1920 x 1080 (MPO format)

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