Canon 8453B002 - XA20 HD Professional Camcorder

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Canon XA20 HD Professional Camcorder

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      1. Precision Uv Glass Filter (Coated)
      2. Mini Table Top Tripod (6")
      3. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Carrying Case For Camcorder
      6. Battery


    Only: $119.95
      1. Precision Uv Glass Filter ( Multi Coated)
      2. Mini Table Top Tripod (6")
      3. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Deluxe Carrying Case For Camcorder
      6. Extended Battery


    Only: $159.95
      1. Extended Rechargeable Battery
      2. Precision Uv Filter For Lens (Multi Coated)
      3. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Carrying Case For Camcorder
      6. Deluxe 42" Tripod W/ Fluid Head
      7. 8GB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Only: $209.95
      1. Extended Rechargeable Battery
      2. Precision 3 Peice Filter For Lens (Multi Coated)
      3. 5 Piece Cleaning Kit
      4. Digital LCD Screen Protector
      5. Deluxe Carrying Case For Camcorder
      6. Deluxe 46" Tripod W/ Fluid Head
      7. 16GB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Only: $249.95

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Memory Card For Camcorder
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Ready for anything

Perhaps you're a videographer for a major corporation, set to document the next industry trade show. Or you're a local journalist cruising City Hall for the next blockbuster exclusive interview. You might even be a graduate film school student, storyboarding your first major short subject for the festival circuit. While all of these people face different challenges, it's a pretty sure bet the Canon XA20 high-definition camcorder can help each of them to deliver a final product that shines. Lightweight, compact, and remarkably easy to handle on the move, the XA20 even borrows some brilliant features from the consumer camcorder world, like the enhanced functionality that Wi-Fi offers.

Features pros demand

The removable handle on this camcorder conceals a world of audio versatility. Two XLR-connectors provide phantom-powered connections for professional microphones, and on the other side of the handle's control block, dedicated switches and audio pots allow you to assign and regulate the signals coming from both external and internal audio sources. The handle also features a mount for a shotgun microphone (not included).

Designed for easy control

The zoom rocker switch has been upgraded to match the performance that's only been available on Canon's top-level camcorders in the past. That controls a versatile and light-thirsty 20X optical zoom lens that gives you all the reach you need for quick-changing assignments. If your light levels drop to near zero, there's a built-in infrared (IR) emitter that will allow you to still capture images under challenging conditions. And buttons on the side of the camcorder are assignable, so if, say, your white balance conditions — or your sensitivity settings — keep changing, you'll be able to adjust instantly.

The format you need, when you need it

The XA20 can capture video in two formats, high-quality AVCHD and web-friendly MP4, and it can even do so simultaneously to the camcorder's dual memory card slots. The maximum data rates for both formats (28 megabits per second for AVCHD; 35 Mbps for MP4) allow the XA20 to record at a full 1080/60p resolution, in addition to several other resolutions — a cinematic 24p-native frame rate among them. When those capture modes are played back at different speeds, you can achieve slow-motion playback as slow as 40% of normal speed, and fast-motion as fast as 250% of normal, with no degradation of picture quality.

Wi-Fi® features

Built-in Wi-Fi makes this already capable camera more convenient. Share files easily between devices. Control your XA20 from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And easily upload your videos for sharing with family, friends, or social networks — a process made much easier by the fact that the camcorder performs internal downconversion of your high-quality videos to make them small enough to post easily online. In fact, if you're under the gun for a tight filing deadline on-air or online, step down the data rate of your MP4 capture and upload your raw video directly to an FTP site for fast turnaround from remote locations.

See even more of what your camcorder is seeing

The Canon XA20 sports an upgraded monitoring system. Its generous 3-1/2" organic LED (OLED) touchscreen display brings 1.23-million dots worth of high-contrast resolution to bear to reveal even the tiniest details in your image. Plus, the tiltable electronic viewfinder allows you a 1.56-million dot view of the world, for even finer control of your camera when handheld and zoomed-in. And to make those zoomed-in moments even more stable, Canon has added what it calls SuperRange optical image stabilization, which corrects for erratic motion almost instantly, ensuring that even long-lens shots of faraway subjects will be smooth and easy to follow.

More pro touches

The XA20 has even more pro tricks up its figurative sleeve. A zebra-stripe monitoring mode allows you to adjust exposure on the fly. A manual focus ring gives you fine control of zoom as well as focus. And the HDMI output can be routed to an external solid-state video recorder so you can capture colors in even more detail than you can with on-board memory cards.

    Storage and Formats:
    • records high-definition video and photos onto dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
      • records 1080/60p 28 megabit-per-second AVCHD format and 35 Mbps MP4 format simultaneously
      • dual memory card slots switch from one card to the next when full (but not when executing simultaneous recording)
      • built-in downconversion creates web-sharable MP4 files
      • play back your 60p captures at 24 frames per second for 40% normal-speed slo-mo, or play back 24p at 60 fps for 250% fast motion
    • detachable handle contains phantom-powered XLR mic inputs and audio level/routing controls
    • infrared (IR) emitter illuminates scenes for shooting in darkness
    • assignable buttons for easy access to often-used features
    • large Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor delivers exceptional low-light performance and wide dynamic range
    • pre-record feature is always caching 3 seconds of video before you press record, so you'll never miss the critical action
    • Wi-Fi®-enabled functions allow app-based control of camera, easy file sharing, and quick video upload to social media sites
    • 2.91-megapixel, 1/2.84-inch HD CMOS PRO image sensor
    • advanced DIGIC DV 4 image processor
    • 20X f/1.8 optical zoom lens with 8-blade circular aperture
      • 35mm equivalent: 26.8-576mm
    • ultra-clear 3-1/2" organic LED (OLED) touch-panel 1,230k-dot widescreen display, plus 1,560k-dot tilting electronic viewfinder
    • linear 16-bit PCM audio recording is enabled in high-quality capture modes
    • captures audio in 2-channel Dolby® Digital with the on-board microphone; optional Canon SM-V1 external microphone allows 5.1-channel surround capture
    • 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks
    • phantom-powered XLR microphone inputs with manual level controls
    • SuperRange optical image stabilization corrects a broad range of erratic motion throughout the entire zoom range
    • native 24p progressive mode allows for a more cinematic look
    • zebra patterns allow quick, accurate exposure adjustment
    • internal color bar and test tone generators allow for proper setup of monitors and mixers downstream from your camera's signal
    • six white balance presets
    • optional GP-E2 GPS receiver module (not included) adds geo-tagging capability
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